Out with the old, in with the new

I made a mistake with this comm. I feel that my structure was probably way too ambitious and complicated, so almost no one signed up. I failed the few of you who did want to participate, because I was unsure about what to do regarding the lack of participants. As such, I'm going to delete this comm in about a week. This is just a notice.

I did really want something like this to work, mostly because I've had a constantly recurring thought over the years I've been in fandom on LJ, and that is: where is the Jane Austen fic? Where is the Charlotte Bronte fic? For a while, I asked, where is the Horatio Hornblower fic? And then I found despatches, which does an excellent job of linking Age of Sail fanfic.

However, I still feel the need for a place to post such fics. I also feel the need for such a place to allow other period fanfiction. Where do you post your Chaucer fic, really? Where do you post your Mulan epic? (Please, tell me there are Mulan epics.) Who is writing fic based on Onegin, and where is it? And yet, there are tons of people writing Merlin fanfic. Lots of people still write Pirates of the Caribbean fanfic. Those things are accessible, and not quite what I'm looking for.

So, what I would like is a comm that is for fandoms which take place before WWI, but takes a leaf from Yuletide's book excludes those fandoms that are extremely popular and get a lot of fic. I know there is rareslash and rarelitslash, which also allows het. There are probably other comms that address some of what I want. But it doesn't have to be literature, it doesn't have to be slash, and it could even be historical rpf. This would be just a posting community, where people could post old fic they have written, new fic, fan art. I want to say icons and such, but we do get a lot of that on bbccostumedrama.

Does anyone have any strong feelings about this? What fandoms should be excluded? Whether fandoms should be excluded? Whether icon posts are allowed? Whether you want to see weekly challenges, etc? I feel like many people have mentioned at various times that they have wanted a comm like this. I'm interested in getting some opinions before I do it. You do not have to be a part of this comm to comment. Thanks!

Round One Redux - Prompts!

Here you can post any ideas for fics based on 19th c. canon. You can request stuff, say what you think would be cool, offer stuff up for grabs, etc.

You also don't have to post a specific prompt. You can post a canon you would like to see someone write fanfic for, or an idea you would like to see explored. For example, "Someone please write a Daniel Deronda fanfic!" or "I'd like to see a fic that examines class issues in the Victorian era!" or "Someone write a fic set in 19th c. China; I don't care what canon, for the love of God!" etc.

Please remember that no one is required to write any of these prompts; you are not making a request that will be filled. Please also remember that multiple people can use one prompt. Once it's posted here, you can't claim a prompt, even if it was initially your prompt to begin with. Anyone can use it to write their fic.

Ready, set, go!

Round One Redux: Fest Format - Official Sign Up!

Due to lack of participants, I'm cancelling the first round of exchanges. Instead, I'm going to try to host a fest. Everyone can write any fanfic they want, as long as it is based on a canon set in the 19th c.

1) This is the sign up post. Sign-ups will last from now until the end of April. To sign up, all you have to do is comment with your name, the fandom you *think* you will be writing for, and whatever you want to say about what your story is about. If you decide to change fandom or write a different story, that's a-ok. If you don't know what you want to write yet, that's okay too. Putting down your name just means you're making the commitment to finish a fic.

2) Modernizations are okay, as long as they are based on canon set in the 19th c.
Any length of fanfic is okay, though I encourage over 500 words.
If you're unsure whether the fandom you're writing for qualifies, just ask.

3) Fics are due August 1. Extensions will be granted, and if you have to drop out, you'll still be able to participate in the next round. I do want there to actually be some fics as a result of this, so let's try to hit the deadline, but if you can't--well, you can't!

4) A call for prompts will be posted directly after this. There, you can post any ideas you have for a fanfic, or anything you would like to see. There will be no prompt "claiming"--anyone can write anything from the lists of prompts, or use whatever ideas are in the prompts to make their own prompt. You do not have to choose something from the prompts post in order to sign up for the fest; you can write anything you want, as long as it's based on a canon set in the 19th c.

The prompts post is merely to get the juices flowing. People can continue to add prompts even after sign-ups are over.

Here is the format for the sign up. Everything but your name is optional. Commenting with your name means you'll at least try to have something written by August 1.

<b>Fandom I'm going to write for</b> (optional, and subject to change)
<b>Idea for the story I'm going to write:</b> (optional, and subject to change)


Round One, and a poll

OOnly three people signed up for this round of exchanges. (hi, ibmiller, choco701, and beatriceotter! You guys rock!) With me, that makes four. I am contacting each of the participants individually to see whether they want to go ahead and try the exchange, but personally, it may be difficult with such a small number.

So, I’ve also created this nifty poll! It’s about what you’d like to see from this comm, and what you would want it to be if you did participate, or what would tempt you to participate.

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Official Round One Sign Up! (Through April 6)

Round One Sign-Ups HERE!

This is the official sign-up post for the Jane Austen Round. Please read about what qualifies for this round here.

Sign-ups will run until April 6, 2010. Proxy sign-ups ARE allowed, if you can't make that window or if you do not have a Livejournal. If you like, please copy your sign up over to Dreamwidth, here, so it will be easier to pair up between both places. All fics will be posted to both Dreamwidth and Livejournal.

Assignments will be sent within a week or two of sign-ups closing.

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Various and sundry

*Do any of you have any graphics skills, and would any of you be interested in making a banner advertising 19thc_exchange or Round One: Jane Austen?

*Are any of you on Dreamwidth? I'm probably going to start a mirror comm there. People will be able to sign up there as well. All fics would be posted on both comms.

*Sign ups for Round One begin March 23! Thanks for joining the comm, and I hope y'all sign up!

Mission Statement

The Concept
19thc_exchange is an exchange for works of fiction based on period dramas. “Period dramas” includes literature written during the 19th century in any part of the world; movies, television shows, and mini-series based on that literature; original movies, television shows, and mini-series set during that time. Periodically, the terms of this exchange will expand to include other period dramas not in the 19th c, including 18th c or earlier, early 20th c, and modernizations of old classics.

This exchange is open to fanfiction writers of all stripes. Het, slash, and gen are all permitted. Ratings from G to NC-17 are permitted. If you are writing NC-17 fic, the person you are writing it for must be over 17 as well as yourself. You must, of course, be over 17 to read said fic. RPF and RPS is permitted if it follows the guidelines for the rounds.

Different styles and formats are all welcomed, as long as fics have correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Fics must be checked by a beta reader, though proof of a fic has been beta-read is not required, unless otherwise specified. Right now, we’re all working on faith.

The Mechanics
Exchanges will occur in rounds. There will be at least one round per annum (hopefully more). Each round will have a theme. One theme may be Jane Austen; the fics exchanged will only be relevant to Jane Austen’s work. One theme may be young adult period literature and media. One theme may be non-English speaking countries. If you have a suggestion for a theme, please respond to this post, or contact 19thc_mod (AKA lettered). Your idea will be considered, though I make no promises.

Each round will begin with an announcement of the theme. Shortly following, there will be a sign up, where you will affirm your participation, request some fics, and state what you are willing to write. Once sign-ups close, you will shortly thereafter be assigned a person for whom you are writing a fic. The due date will be announced, at which time you will email your submission. The fics will all be posted anonymously. Once all the fics are posted, authors will be revealed.

If you are unable to make the deadline, you may request an extension. Extensions are always at the discretion of the mod.

If you signed up but did not turn in a fic, you will not be eligible to participate in the next round. You will have to wait until the round after the next.

The Future
1. This project is currently under construction.

2. Art is not accepted in the exchange at this time. This is subject to change in the future. If you would like to discuss the possibility of adding art to the curriculum, please respond to this post, or contact lettered.

3. These are some ideas for 19thc_exchange rounds:

-Jane Austen
-Elizabeth Gaskell
-the Bronte sisters
-Dickens and Thackeray
-George Eliot and Thomas Hardy
-Oscar Wilde
-19th c. lit from non-English speaking countries and media based on such
-pre-20th c. lit from Central America, South America, Africa, the middle East, India, and East Asia and media based on such
-19th c. lit from America and media based on such
-19th c. young adult
-18th c.
-Age of Sail
-Gothic/supernatural 19th c. lit and media based on such
-real people in the 19th c.
-19th c. scientific romance
-19th c. Russian lit

. . . and more to come!