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Various and sundry
lettered wrote in 19thc_exchange
*Do any of you have any graphics skills, and would any of you be interested in making a banner advertising 19thc_exchange or Round One: Jane Austen?

*Are any of you on Dreamwidth? I'm probably going to start a mirror comm there. People will be able to sign up there as well. All fics would be posted on both comms.

*Sign ups for Round One begin March 23! Thanks for joining the comm, and I hope y'all sign up!

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YES to Dreamwidth! (I'm one of those who want to move all of fandom to DW :))

I'd love to move all of fandom there as well. I'd *love* to but I haven't done very well at trying to convince people to *do* it. The problem is I want everyone to go. I have a hard enough time finding kindred spirits here--witness the smallness of this comm (which I secretly hoped would EXPLODE, don't tell anyone), much less somewhere where there's far less people.

Anywho, if you signed up for this exchange on dw, would you mind if the person you were writing for only had their prompt on the lj sign up, and/or if the person who was writing for you was someone on lj? (All fics would be posted on both comms, since they will all be posted by the mod.)

While my not-so-secret wish is to not provide anymore content for LJ if I can help it, the truth is there needs to be a major LJ fuck-up in order for DW to look appealing. I'm waiting it out; it'll happen sooner or later. Yay for a fellow DW-er.

I wouldn't mind, though maybe it would be a good idea to encourage people to post prompts to both DW and LJ. There might be some enthusiasm for that idea. Not everyone will do it, but it might make things slightly easier when pairing people up.

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