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Round One Redux - Prompts!
lettered wrote in 19thc_exchange
Here you can post any ideas for fics based on 19th c. canon. You can request stuff, say what you think would be cool, offer stuff up for grabs, etc.

You also don't have to post a specific prompt. You can post a canon you would like to see someone write fanfic for, or an idea you would like to see explored. For example, "Someone please write a Daniel Deronda fanfic!" or "I'd like to see a fic that examines class issues in the Victorian era!" or "Someone write a fic set in 19th c. China; I don't care what canon, for the love of God!" etc.

Please remember that no one is required to write any of these prompts; you are not making a request that will be filled. Please also remember that multiple people can use one prompt. Once it's posted here, you can't claim a prompt, even if it was initially your prompt to begin with. Anyone can use it to write their fic.

Ready, set, go!

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Some stray ideas

-"Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came" fic that isn't Stephen bloody King.

-Anything Poe. Further adventures of Arthur Pym? Check. Usher finds true love? Check. Montresor/Fortunato slash? Check.

-The Redemption of Uriah Heep

-Frankenstein/Castle of Otranto crossover of Gothic Doom

-Nemo meets Moreau? Nemo meets Philip Nolan? Nemo meets Captain Ahab? Honestly, any Nemo nautical crossover probably works for me.

-The Redemption of Uriah Heep

I would love to see this! I read something recently that said Dickens based Heep off of Hans Christian Anderson. He admired Anderson at first, but then had him as a house guest. Anderson fawned over so much Dickens grew sick of him, then didn't know how to get him to leave! Don't know how true the story was, but I feel sorry for Uriah. Dickens made him so unrelentingly disgusting.

For Poe, I'd go for William Wilson/William Wilson slash ;o)

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