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Out with the old, in with the new
lettered wrote in 19thc_exchange
I made a mistake with this comm. I feel that my structure was probably way too ambitious and complicated, so almost no one signed up. I failed the few of you who did want to participate, because I was unsure about what to do regarding the lack of participants. As such, I'm going to delete this comm in about a week. This is just a notice.

I did really want something like this to work, mostly because I've had a constantly recurring thought over the years I've been in fandom on LJ, and that is: where is the Jane Austen fic? Where is the Charlotte Bronte fic? For a while, I asked, where is the Horatio Hornblower fic? And then I found despatches, which does an excellent job of linking Age of Sail fanfic.

However, I still feel the need for a place to post such fics. I also feel the need for such a place to allow other period fanfiction. Where do you post your Chaucer fic, really? Where do you post your Mulan epic? (Please, tell me there are Mulan epics.) Who is writing fic based on Onegin, and where is it? And yet, there are tons of people writing Merlin fanfic. Lots of people still write Pirates of the Caribbean fanfic. Those things are accessible, and not quite what I'm looking for.

So, what I would like is a comm that is for fandoms which take place before WWI, but takes a leaf from Yuletide's book excludes those fandoms that are extremely popular and get a lot of fic. I know there is rareslash and rarelitslash, which also allows het. There are probably other comms that address some of what I want. But it doesn't have to be literature, it doesn't have to be slash, and it could even be historical rpf. This would be just a posting community, where people could post old fic they have written, new fic, fan art. I want to say icons and such, but we do get a lot of that on bbccostumedrama.

Does anyone have any strong feelings about this? What fandoms should be excluded? Whether fandoms should be excluded? Whether icon posts are allowed? Whether you want to see weekly challenges, etc? I feel like many people have mentioned at various times that they have wanted a comm like this. I'm interested in getting some opinions before I do it. You do not have to be a part of this comm to comment. Thanks!

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Hi again, a few thoughts that may not apply to anyone but me:

I'd much prefer not to see icons and graphics, though I wouldn't mind meta/discussion posts. Challenges would interest me--I rarely write fan fiction anymore unless there's some sort of external motivation.

Also, the more tightly focused the comm is, the more closely I'm likely to follow it. I don't read rarelitslash because of how broad it is, though come to think of it I guess I have a few things I could post there.

People do seem to do a ton of period graphics, and yet not nearly enough fic! Maybe sticking with allowing fan art and vids would feel inclusionary to those who produce other fanworks. I did want to definitely have meta and discussion be welcome. Your reviews of various Jane Eyres would be awesome on it. Have you seen the Jayston one? That's the only one available to me that I haven't seen, as far as I know.

I do like the idea of being tightly focused. despatches is nicely concentrated. But despatches doesn't include, say, Anne of Green Gables, so selfishly I want something that runs up to WWI, which makes me think, "why can't we have stuff before Age of Sail, too?"

I wonder if having challenges and stuff would make things feel less sprawling. The main reason I don't read rarelitslash is that not many people post on it. It's true that when they do, I don't know the fandom though.

I have seen the Jayston one, though not for a few years. I remember liking it a lot and thinking that all the characters seemed very...happy. I'm sort of holding that one in reserve to do last--I'd like to end on a high note, and there are a lot of stinkers to get through before I'm done. :D

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