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Round One: Jane Austen
19thc_mod wrote in 19thc_exchange

Round One

SIGN-UPS FOR ROUND ONE WILL BEGIN MARCH 23nd, 12 AM PST. There will be an official sign-up post at that time.

The theme is Jane Austen, Jane Austen’s novels, Jane Austen’s unfinished work and juvenilia, and Jane Austen adapatations.

YOU MAY request and write fics based on Jane Austen’s novels, unfinished works, juvenilia, and life. You may also request and write fics based on movies, television shows, and mini-series based on Jane Austen’s novels and life, as long as they are set wholly in the 19th century.

YOU MAY cross over within Jane Austen canon (e.g., you could write about Emma meeting Henry Tilney, or even Jane Austen meeting Elizabeth Bennet).

YOU MAY NOT request or write fics based on modernized versions of Jane Austen’s novels. Bride and Prejudice and Clueless are awesome movies, but they are not permitted canon for this round. We will include modernizations in another round. For that reason, Lost In Austen will not be accepted as canon for this round. Our “modernizations” round will allow modern people traveling to the 19th c., and period people traveling to the 20th/21st c.

YOU MAY NOT request or write cross-overs with other canons that are not Jane Austen (even other 19th century literature).

YOU MAY NOT request and write fics based on published fanfiction of Jane Austen’s works. Books such as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and Mr. Darcy’s Diary are considered published fanfiction for the purposes of this round. These works will likely be included in a different round.

The following works are permitted canon for this round:

Emma (novel, 1972 version, 1996 Gwenyth Paltrow version, 1996 Kate Beckinsale version, 2009 BBC version)
Mansfield Park (novel, 1982 version, 1999 Patricia Rozema version, 2007 Billie Piper version)
Northanger Abbey (novel, 1986 A&E version, 2007 Andrew Davies version)
Persuasion (novel, 1971 version, 1995 Cirian Hinds version, 2007 version)
Pride and Prejudice (novel, 1940 version, 1980 version, 1995 Colin Firth version, 2005 Kiera Knightley version)
Sense and Sensibility (novel, 1981 version, 1995 Emma Thompson version, 2008 Andrew Davies version)
Lady Susan
The Watsons
Becoming Jane
Jane Austen herself

There are some other Austen adaptations not included on this list, mainly adaptations from before 1970. You are permitted to use these, but please do not use any movie or mini-series that is not explicitly an adaptation of an Austen novel.


Sign ups will begin March 23rd with an official sign-up post. There, you can state what you are willing to write, and what you refuse to write. You can also make several requests for the fics you would like to read. Sign ups will close on April 5th, 11:59 PM PST. After sign ups close, I will assign your requests and email each of you with your assignments.

You will have about 3 months to complete your fics. Fics must be at least 1,000 words in length. Fics may be slash, het, or gen, of any rating, and of any genre, as long as the Round One Theme is adhered to. Further guidelines and official due dates to follow.

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Everything looks great. Just one question: How many requests can we make?

You can only sign up once, and you will only receive one fic. But on your sign up, you can put as many different requests as you choose. Then the person who is assigned to write to you gets to choose which one to write.

It's nice if you're writer gets a selection, so I recommend more than one request! That said, if you really really really want a P&P fic, and list 4 P&P prompts and one Emma prompt, you might end up with an Emma fic. So make sure you want the things you request.

Hope this makes sense!

Cool, makes sense. I just wanted to know how many variations of Emma fic are missing from my life. ;)

All of them? I've read like three Emma fics in my life, and I've searched. Well, maybe a few more. They used to allow fanfic at Republic of Pemberley; those were the good old days.

Ha! Dude, I know. Emma is my favorite Austen, and while I love me some P&P and S&S fic, the deluge of Darcy-fangirling compared to the complete lack of Emmafic is depressing. I thought there'd be more fic after the new BBC adaptation but... there really wasn't. I find it Very Puzzling.

So anyway, expect multiple Emma requests coming the exchange's way... ;)

I hover between S&S and Emma as favorite Austens. Probably because Marianne/Colonel Brandon and Emma/Mr. Knightley are my favorite pairings. I do find the Darcy deluge a little sad for the rest of us Other Austen folks. Luckily there is more S&S, but nothing like what there is for P&P. I really started with S&S, but the first time I sat down to write Austen fanfic, it was Emma! (Very bad and unfinished and never seeing the light of day, sorry.)

I went to a lecture once about how Emma was the more "mature" version of Austen's writing S&S. The argument was that Elinor and Marianne were a little 2d, and that Austen combined them into one much more complex character in the person of Emma. Not sure I buy it, but it's really interesting to me.

I was surprised to find that I did not find the most recent Emma adaptation all that good. I was *so* excited about it, especially Romola Garai. I loved her since I Capture The Castle, even though I didn't even really like that movie. I haven't really found any other Emmas charming. But Garai lacked the edge I wanted.

How did you like it? What's your favorite adaptation? I hope you don't mind me babbling to you about Emma. I just don't meet many Emma fans ;o)

Probably because Marianne/Colonel Brandon and Emma/Mr. Knightley are my favorite pairings

asjajfajk where have you been all my Austenfangirling life?? Those two are my favorite as well! This Emma babbling is completely welcome, btw, because-- yes, I find that many Austen people actually dislike Emma a lot. :/ (And, I'm sorry, but I'd much rather be Mrs Knightley than Mrs Darcy.)

My reaction to the latest Emma was mostly disgruntlement and bafflement, but ended on grudging affection. (That proposal melted my cold black heart, shall we say.) I do give it props for including a number of things the other adaptations have left out (Mrs Weston's pregnancy, the donkeys, John Knightley and Mr Knightley's bond, etc) but the characterizations weren't necessarily my cup of tea. I was really excited about Romola as Emma as well, but her perky!spastic!Emma was, er. Well, I liked her in the end, but BY GOD I wanted any of the other tv/movie Emmas to show up and slap some poise and sense into her sometimes!

(btw if this clutters up the comm, haha, feel free to delete it later)

heeeeeeeee. Yes, I've totally seen the Emma haters (well. In Austen fandom, people tend to be refreshingly polite. So Emma dislikers? But imo it has nothing to do with our source material and everything to do with the fact that the fandom just isn't big enough to have wars). What really saddens me is they tend to dislike the book because they dislike Emma herself. Myself, I love her for all her faults. People say they love Lizzy because she's "not perfect", but in my book Lizzy looks perfect. She really can hardly be blamed for her mistake; it turns out being really All Darcy's Fault in the end.

When you think about it, Emma and Marianne are the main Austen heroines who "learn a lesson". (Catherine Morland does as well, but I find NA unsteady, so tend to count it less). Their heroes are steady, patient, and true. Meanwhile Captain Wentworth and Mr. Darcy (and Edmund Bertram), while all perfectly respectable, are the ones who have to learn a lesson. Elinor, Anne Elliot and Fanny Price are steady and true, and Lizzy is--well, as I said. Perfect. I tend to identify with the gals who have problems, and tend to want the guys who understand those problems, love those problems, but do not shy from addressing those problems. I feel like lots of people love Mr. Darcy because they want someone who will reform for them.

I *loved* the John Knightley and Mr. Knightley bond in the new one; I'd forgotten about that. All of the insights in there about family were so interesting; I'd never thought about a lot of Emma that way before. It highlighted how Emma was really at a crisis point--feeling like she was losing her family, and having to make one for herself.

Spastic!Emma is right. It made me miss Kate Beckinsale (that's my favorite Emma adaptation), with her little jutting chin of defiance. Beckinsale comes off bitchy, but the problem I have with the others is they are not bitchy enough! But sadly Beckinsale does not come off very loveable or charming, and she is supposed to be in spite of her superiority complex.

Speaking of clutter, I hope a good number of people sign up for this . . .

(Whoops, sorry for the late reply!)

When you think about it, Emma and Marianne are the main Austen heroines who "learn a lesson". (Catherine Morland does as well, but I find NA unsteady, so tend to count it less). Their heroes are steady, patient, and true.

I completely agree. Maybe this is a matter of personal taste, and perhaps partly a reflection on myself, but I always prefer a heroine (and hero -- but I find heroines in this mold are much rarer) who makes mistakes and learns from them. It has to be some internal thing she has to go through, a real personal growth. And the hero is much more real to me when he -- as you said -- engages in those problems, with patience and humor. It makes the relationship more real (and more lasting) to me. Darcy's and Wentworth's devotion to their respective ladies never really hit a chord with me. Well, maybe when I was a teenager. ;)

I think Lizzy isn't quite Perfect but I think people over the years have sort of treated her as such, and certainly fandom basically makes her a convenient Mary Sue, so I think my... not-quite-dislike of her stems from that, rather than the book character herself.

And I never thought of Darcy being the one girls all want to reform but... christ, that's so true. It appeals to a clever woman's vanity, that you alone with your ~cleverness~ and ~understated attractiveness~ can get under the armor of (basically) Prince Charming, and he'll see your ~specialness~ BLAH BLAH BLAH. Ugh.

I'd rather have Mr Knightley bickering and laughing with me over tea.

It makes the relationship more real (and more lasting) to me.

...well, I don't know. I mean, yes, real problems do make relationships more real. But I was pointing out that in the JA I like, the girls have problems. In P&P and Persuasion, the boys have problems. Darcy's a bit of an ass, and Lizzy deals with that and forgives him for it, though I always get embarrassed for everyone when he "reforms" and their whole past together kind of seems to get glossed over. I want her to remember that he is not perfect, and to still tease him! (She says she will, but after telling her father "he has no improper pride" I start to really worry.) But anyway, Wentworth is a LOT of an ass, and Anne knows it very well, but loves him anyway, and is patient. She doesn't address the problem, is my problem. Although I identify with her more strongly than any Austen character, I don't want to be her; she's not assertive enough.

So I think the relationships in P&P and Persuasion have problems, with people trying to work them out. It's the genders that are switched. And you could say Anne and Lizzy aren't as cool at addressing the problems as Mr. Knightley and Colonel Brandon, but I wouldn't. Brandon, like Anne, never says anything either (though admittedly he's in less of a position to), and Mr. Knightley is kind of a jerk to Emma.

I think Lizzy isn't quite Perfect but I think people over the years have sort of treated her as such, and certainly fandom basically makes her a convenient Mary Sue,

Well, I think that thoughtful readers who are not idiots don't make Lizzy into a Mary Sue. They realize that she does Make Mistakes. As such, they hold her up as a "real woman" who has faults, but learns from them. The problem is, Lizzy's mistakes really are miniscule. I'd rather look at a real woman like Emma, who's got a LOT of stuff to fix, but also a lot of stuff that's good.

It appeals to a clever woman's vanity, that you alone with your ~cleverness~ and ~understated attractiveness~

Oh, yes. That's definitely the secret of his charm over the ladies. For you to tell him off, and next time you see him, for him to HAVE A HUGE MANSION and also be everything you desired (IN A WET SHIRT)? I think there's a part in all of us that wants that.

PS: Also, with Brandon, and also Knightley, I adore them more because more than any of the Austen heroes they still want to be friends with and help out the heroine despite their believing that she loves someone else.

And also! I like the 1970's Emma ("nice Emma") and Kate B's Emma ("bitchy Emma" lol) equally well. Gwyneth's Emma to me was like a variation on "nice Emma" but the overall humorous tone of that production was, to me, the best. I liked how the movie made fun of its own heroine.

I suppose I like Romola's Emma as a character who happens to be named Emma Woodhouse, who shares her backstory etc, but she's not "my" Emma. JLM's Knightley was pretty great, though. I didn't expect much from him, frankly, but he surprised me. I still think Mark Strong's Emma is the hottest ;) but I do appreciate how JLM downplayed his own looks. In the end I really believed them as equal friends, more than any other Emma/Knightley pairing.

...Mark Strong's Knightley, rather.

I adore them more because more than any of the Austen heroes they still want to be friends with and help out the heroine despite their believing that she loves someone else.

Omg yes. I can't wait to see your Emma prompts!

I don't remember 1970s Emma! Come to think of it, not sure I actually saw it. Hmm. I...I don't like the Gwenyth Paltrow Emma version at all. I'm a bad Emma fan, so people tell me.

JLM's Knightley was pretty great, though.

He got how I think of Mr. Knightley's humor better than anyone else so far, imo. I did like him very much.

Oh dear god yes, Mark Strong, with the hotness. I've heard other fans say they don't like him as Mr. Knightley because he's not good looking enough. Okay, aside from the fact that Mr. Knightley does not need to be good looking and is not supposed to be a major hottie, MARK STRONG IS A MAJOR HOTTIE. Lord, that man.

Please excuse me for butting in, but I haven't been over to RoP for some time -- why did they stop allowing fanfic?

Not sure. Though I like to blame it on myself.

In 2002, there was A LOT of fanfic happening. Me and some of the other people on the boards were ALL OVER IT, writing lots of fanfic, making really really long threads in responses to the fics we liked because we were getting into big discussions over them.

Then the mods did this thing where you could only make responses directly to the author on Bits of Ivory, the fanfic board. After that they kept making more and more rules that indicated they did not really welcome discussion of fanficition, that they wanted BoI to work more as an archive than community discussion type thing.

Shortly thereafter, they disallowed all fics that were not strictly canon-based--no modernizations, AUs, or what if?s, only missing scenes and continuations. They deleted all existing fics and works in progress that didn't meet those standards, and also all fics that the authors didn't speak up to defend. Most writers then moved to the Derbyshire Writers Guild.

After that, the BoI limped along for another 6 years, I guessed. I stopped going there, since fanfic is one of the main ways I get fannish, and I did not feel welcomed there. On a recent visit, I noticed they had stopped accepting the few fics that were trickling in in 2008.

The only reasons they gave in 2002 were that they had never intended RoP to support fanfic, and they did not have the means or inclinations to make BoI the JA fanfic hub it was becoming. They did encourage people to go to the DWG, but at the time there wasn't much going on there.

There's a lot of stuff going on there now, but I find the style of the boards difficult to navigate if you want to follow fics.

Um. This, madam, is a faithful narrative of all my dealings with RoP. Sorry to ramble.

Ah -- no, not at all rambling. I'm a lurker by trade, and I simply hadn't been around the BoI board in quite some time.

I can see the resources argument, but it is a pity to hear that they really aren't interested in fanfic.

one question. are we allowed to create our own characters?

Yes! But new characters must interact with canon characters. For example, a mysterious stranger comes to Highbury! YOU MAY write about that character meeting Emma, or Mrs. Elton, or even minor characters like Mrs. Goddard. YOU MAY NOT just write about this character doing their own thing in Highbury without interacting with any Emma characters. And as it states in the rules, an original character may not be modern; (s)he must be born in that era.

Hope that makes sense!

thank you. answered my question exactly. X)

(Deleted comment)
Oh yes, I think that certainly you are! I cannot say exactly what will happen, as this community seems very small, with not very many people participating. But I assume that out of those that sign up, many would enjoy a P&P fic. Even if there are those who exclusively demand Northanger Abbey or Mansfield Park or something, you would not be assigned to write for them. You just have to say where it says what canon you are willing to write what you are familiar with, and I will try my very best to pair you with someone who has at least one request that matches what you know.

If there was someone who had only ever read Sandition (I've never read it; I don't even know what it's about) and was not familiar with JA in any other way, they might have a few difficulties. But I imagine even the people who are only familiar with just P&P will easily be able to participate here.

I really hope you sign up. I'm afraid that no one's going to!

So... after the signing up, how do we know who we're assigned to write for? And I know the fic has to be minimum 1000 words, but is there a maximum limit?

Thanks for organising this, btw - it sounds like fun!

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